World Class Website Design in LA

World Class Website Design in LA

Website Design is a careful craft!

There are many people who claim to be the best at website design but there is so much that goes into building a successful website. Common mistakes include:

  1. Improper SEO

  2. Misleading or unrelated information

  3. Not using titles, alt tags, or descriptions in images

  4. Keyword stuffing

  5. No XML sitemap

  6. No analytics

  7. No Social Media

These common mistakes are just basics but can be corrected for a great presence on the web. I believe with careful thought and creativity any website no matter the topic can become successful.

Your website ranking should be periodically checked and you should do your own search on google, bing, yahoo, or other familiar search engines. Don’t forget mobile which is the most important! Mobile users are not only familiar with common mobile web functions but also expect your website to work a certain way.

Navigation on your website should be clean and minimal with relevant information pertaining to what your content is clearly about. You cannot succeed unless someone can find the information you are trying to promote.

e-Commerce websites are complex! The most extremely important task is your CALL TO ACTION! People do not want to have to figure out how to buy if they like your product. The most someone should have to click to initiate a buy is TWO CLICKS. Why should there be 3-4 windows before someone has made the decision to purchase?

Remember ZMOT! The Zero Moment Of Truth is that point of emptiness where someone has chosen you and wants to initiate a action on what they have seen. It’s pure, organic, and relevant information or a product they have made a choice to make the next step and engage.

What the heck is impressions? We hear this term all over the place but what is an impression? Lets say you have a lemonade stand on a busy street… How many cars have seen your lemonade stand passing by? Two cars? Fifty Cars? How many cars stopped and engaged to purchase lemonade? The impression is the amount of cars that had passed by and seen your lemonade stand. The next step is the engagement. Did they stop? Did you offer a sample of your lemonade? Then did they chose the action to buy a glass or pitcher of your lemonade? Successful marketing is knowing your audience and tracking who has seen your ad or website.

In closing website design is a small picture in the actual development of cool trendy marketing. Anyone can put up a website but without vision, SEO, and social media presence there is little chance you will achieve your end goal.


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